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Website registered in the Colombian e-commerce chamber.


WARNING: the policies, terms and conditions of the ONLINE STORE are not the same as those of the ONLINE RADIO; It is your obligation to know them, when using our services and / or buying in the ONLINE STORE; You agree that you are fully aware of all policies, terms and conditions and that you accept them, understanding that these may be modified at any time and that you will be notified via email of these changes.





1. You can select items from our product line and their details will be added to the "Shopping cart" by clicking the "Add to shopping cart" button. By clicking on the "Finish purchase" button, you will start the payment process for the products contained in your Shopping cart. By clicking on the "Pay Now" button you send us an offer to buy the products in the Shopping Cart and you agree to pay for those items. Before placing the order, you can view and modify its details by clicking on the "Shopping cart" and "Finish purchase" button.



2. When you place an order for products on the Website, you will receive an automatic message confirming receipt of the order and its details (the "Confirmation Message"). We recommend that you save the Confirmation Message. The confirmation message does not constitute our acceptance of your order, it simply documents the fact that we have received the order.



3. We will send you a second message when we send your products; That message does constitute our acceptance of your order (the "Message of acceptance") and is the point at which a binding sales contract is established between you and us.



4. Products of the same order that are not confirmed in the Acceptance Message are not part of that contract. If for any reason the requested products are not available at the time of ordering, we will inform you by email. Our acceptance of your order in the Acceptance Message is limited to the products that are available; no sales contract related to products that are not available will be formalized. We will retain ownership of the products until we have received the full payment of said products.



5. If you wish, you can call us to place your order. You just have to choose the items you want on the Website and call our Customer Service to fill the basket and place the order with the help of our sales staff: (57) +315 826 6112.



6. If you place your orders by phone, the conversation with the members of the Customer Service team will be recorded and kept for 30 days. All references to your bank details will be hidden in the recordings. Orders placed by phone can only be paid by bank transfer. You will have to provide personal data under your acceptance and authorization such as references and quantities of the products of the order you want to make, the invoice will be sent to you electronically NOT physically. Next, they will ask you to indicate the order number that will always appear at the top, lastly, they will send you the necessary data for you to obtain by email or WhatsApp, depending on the day and time in which you place the order.



7. You can choose between:


- identify yourself through your Personal Account if you already have one on the Website;


-Provide the information requested by our Customer Service to identify you if you do not have an active account. This information will be stored in our customer database and will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which you can check on the page. We thank you for providing us with complete and accurate information and informing us of possible changes in it, we will not be responsible for erroneous or incomplete information that you provide.

8. Disclaimer:


The client undertakes to fill in and deliver all the shipping information of his order such as: full name, cell or contact, email, identification number, complete address with indications and all the details that are necessary for the delivery staff Successfully arrive at the place and destination person, the store is not responsible for the erroneous and / or incomplete completion of the information provided by the customer, if the order arrives at a wrong destination, fact derived from this situation, the customer assumes the lost and the store is not responsible. We recommend you to review the information that you diligently before continuing with the purchase process, since once the order is confirmed there is nothing that can be done to remedy it, if you consider that the format was poorly filled out please let us know immediately at the next 30 minutes after receiving your mail from receiving the order from the store.





There are some products that have a refund, but the products that are on sale do NOT have a refund, check the information in the footer of each product in the section of: is there a refund? and be sure of the purchase you will make. Returns are NOT accepted for any case or reason.





PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: instructions and your product order confirmation will arrive in your mail, you will need this information and your identification to receive the product.


STANDARD SHIPPING: free, delivery 10-15 business days.


ENJOY EXPRESS SHIPPING: Express Shipping $ 20,000 additional. 2-4 business days. Orders confirmed on business days made before 2pm are shipped the same day, after 2pm it is for the next day, please note that it is a business day.


(Business days: days from Monday to Friday that are not holidays)





This almost never happens, in 99.9% our orders arrive in excellent condition and without any problem, but human error may be present at some time. If you believe that your order did not arrive well and / or incomplete and / or in poor condition and / or is not the size, color and / or number you requested, you can start the change process.


You must contact us through any of our customer service channels, you must have on hand the order confirmation number that arrived in your mail when you placed the order at the store or failing that the digital invoice that also reached Your email, in this case a customer service advisor will attend your request and / or get in touch with you in order to advise and accompany you throughout the process. Calm (a) everything has a solution and the store will surely compensate for being the fault of the same or the supplier, remember that we are only trade not manufacturers and / or suppliers.





See indications in the attached image here


Always keep in mind that all the products that are for sale in this digital store are made in Colombia 100%, When you buy these contributing to the country, we are a legal trade and registered with the competent authorities.

Some of our products are imitations and / or AAA replicas. We are not scammers or counterfeiters, we are a serious business that pays taxes, employees and everything in accordance with Colombian law.

We are NOT manufacturers, we are a logistic bridge in the chain of: manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier and customer as do various online stores in the world, our differential is the organization, responsibility and customer service.





The distinction between terms and legality is as follows:


FALSIFICATION: as with the currency, it is an exact copy of a product made with the intention of producing in the buyer the true belief that he is buying original of the counterfeit brand, with the intention of making a profit at the expense of deception, wanting to make the customer believe that it is an original product.


REPLY: it would be a more or less exact copy of the product, which did not produce deception in the consumer, either because the consumer knows that what he buys is not of the quality and qualities of the original product and in the case that he does not know it, the The seller himself should warn him in his shop or digital store.


IMITATION: it is a copy of the brand, not exact in which distinctive signs are used in the product that do not cause any confusion in the buyer in comparison with an original product.

In conclusion: The crime in the sale of replicas and / or imitations occurs, as long as: the value of what is sold as a replica and / or imitation is higher than the original product and / or if said replica is made and marketed with the intention to obtain a benefit through deception in the consumer, making him believe that it is original and / or the seller does not announce to the buyer in his establishment that the product is a replica and / or imitation.


The buyer and / or customer does not commit a crime and has the free right of consumption of their choice, the buyer is free to decide what products he buys and where he buys them, knowing and accepting that he buys original or a replica and / or imitation.





You can pay with any electronic means: EPAYCO, MARKET PAYMENT, PSE, CREDIT CARDS (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Daviplata, Banco Davivienda, Bancolombia, Banco Colpatria and money transfers) You can make consignments and / or bank transfers.


You can make payments and / or separations, to secure your product if you do not already have all the money "in this case you must choose manual payment".


If you choose the manual payment option, you must make a bank draft, transfer or consignment to the savings account of a third party, when you place the order, the sales department will contact the customer to send the corresponding information.

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